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Thread: .243 ammo

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    .243 ammo

    Hi all I'm a new owner of a steyr ssg69 in .243 can anyone recommend good foxing ammo.
    Thanks mike
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    vmax in any weight should be good

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    Friends that have 243 say 75gr VMax are very effective.
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    Thanks Eric I've heard good things about them too

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    I used .243 75 vmax for ages on fox and later on roe which were outstanding, when i couldnt get them for reloading i would buy 75gn factory remmy accutips which i belive are the same projectile with a gold tip.
    A couple of years ago when supplies were low i moved on to 87 vmax and they seemed to create less bruising on roe but were still good for foxing so i have stuck with them.
    Mind you i have been experimenting with 85gn partitions and with a bit of trial and error they will goup same point of impact as the 87's and roughly the same group size giving me the best of both worlds incase i go anywhere where plastic tips arn't welcome. DD

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    75 grain v max you wont go wrong with them

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    58GR Norma V Max or Superformance, both quick and flat.

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    running some nosler 70gr BT's.

    works wonders on them for me.

    ps: nice rifle buy the way, i do miss mine.

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    I use Remington 75gn Premier AccuTip in my 700 they cost me 22.00 a box. Furthest fox to date is 312yds.
    I picked them and a second brand but found they worked the best out of the two....I dont reload but my friend is all ways dipping into my pot of spent rounds


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