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Thread: swarovski slc new 10x42

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    swarovski slc new 10x42

    I have for sale a pair of genuine swarovski 10x42 slc new in as new condition with 2 sets spare eyecups and i still have the box.

    600 no offers pm me

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    Whats your location Paul?

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    Im in hartlepool Cleveland

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    Thats a good price do you still have them for sale I have some but no of some one who is looking for a pair.

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    No disrespect Paul, but when someone offers a pair of very expensive binos a bargain basement cost after just joining I think we should be careful, this guy may well be a genuine guy but to post 600 pounds to a complete stranger..

    How often does someone get ripped off, we hear these tales of woe all the time.. caveat emptor guys

    Check out home addresses and phone no's a 192 enquirey is very small price to pay for peace of mind, if the seller is a genuine bloke it's a great bargain just do your homework.

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    They are also serial numbered, always worth a check

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