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Thread: measuring bullet length

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    measuring bullet length

    having problems with loading accurate lengths of bulets for my 308. I am loading 150gr soft point hornady and there is a variance of 10 thou in bullet length due to the lead tip. Is there a way of measuring to the ogive so that i can standardise the length or do i need to measure each bullet and then work out the variance for each bullet from the average and then seat to the average +/- the variance? If that makes sense>



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    Yes - get one of the kits with different sized inserts that only measure to the ogive - a few companies make them.
    They come with a base that attaches to the calipers & you then use the correct insert for the caliber you wish to measure

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    Use a tool called a 'Comparator'. As previously mentioned, attached to the calipers & the correct calibre 'Insert' fitted, it measure fairly precisely the OAL from bullet ogive to case head.
    The measurement will of course be different to the COL data in the loading manual.
    I think Stoney Point & others make this tool. ATB
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    Hornady Lock and Load bullet comparator body with suitable insert.

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    Thanks I knew there would be something out there.

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    Tim Hannams have the Hornady sets in - or you can just buy the anvil/base & the inserts to suit your bullet calibers

    Cheaper than MidwayUK

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