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Thread: bows and pistols in argentina

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    bows and pistols in argentina

    have a ganders at this one ,atb wayne
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    that was wild...

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    But how many did he miss.

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    Impressive, the guy with the pistol, i think was lucky and i'm guessing fired a few shots before connecting, but the guy with the bow was good.


  5. #5 the West Mids game fair there was a stand where you could shoot blunt-ended arrows at big foam 'clays' launched upwards at a range of about 15-20 yards.

    I must have fired about 60 arrows - it was Agincourt all over again - and didn't hit a single f***ing one.......

    How inept am I feeling after watching that clip??!?
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    I had a .22lr Contender pistol on my UK ticket with a .357mag spare 8 inch barrel and when I went to Buenos Aires in 1996 on a contract I slid them in under the radar then got my Argy possesion paperwork as a catch-up done afterwards (it was really easy except you have to accept to be fingerprinted).
    I head shot a perdiz at 30 yards but it was still and on the ground got the feathers in a jar stil.
    Heady days.

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