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    what do you think of the ecorider?
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    I had one for a weekend - and was not impressed.

    Economy was good - but riding position was very poor. Unlike any other bike on the market the pegs were way out infront, rather than underneath my feet. Accordingly, it was not easy to balance, stand up etc. Felt very strange indeed and gave a riding position unlike any other bike on the market.

    Why? Beats me how someone can ignore the base design of an entire industry.

    Had plenty of good points - but heavy and awkward compared to a trials bike equipped with a decent rack and centre stand.

    I have ended up going for a lightweight quad instead.

    Rgds Ian

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    how was the offroad ability
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    if you have no experience with ecorider what qauds would you recomend for hill work and on peaty boggy ground
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    honda foremans are good 8)

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    forget the eco rider for deer work.

    I have used most makes of quad but will always go back to Honda, I haven't found another bike to beat them

    I was once told by a mechanic who was sorting one of my mechanical misdemaeners that I "lacked any mechanical compassion", if the honda lasts with me it will last with anyone!!!!

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