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Thread: Noisy Clothing!how to silence it!

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    Noisy Clothing!how to silence it!

    just bought bib and brace and jacket made by ck kinetics native from ebay and its just arrived and it made from that waterproof material that sounds crispy and shhhhhy (only way i can descirbe it) does anyone know of any tricks to silence the material?

    (cant see me stalking in them at moment very noisy)

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    Stick it in the dog basket for a couple of weeks, and let them sleep on it.

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    My mate had a noisy outfit , I kept telling him he made too much noise when we were out and used to tell him its your legs rubbing together or he was moving his arms against his sides ! He mastered the art of walking quietly in his kit but boy did it look funny

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    hahha i would put it in the dog basket but they sleep in my bed pamperd pooches lol its a pain in the arse im well dispapointed like , i will just need to wear it for beating and duck shooting maybe even pigeon shooting , but not deer stalking :-( im not a happy bunny at all

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    Wear something quiet over the top of it and see if that helps - get something cheap and mil surplus from the likes of ebay and wear it over the top.
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    its real tree timber pattern though #caroch so didnt really wanna cover it up, thought i might of been able to get something to spray on it or somthing :-(

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    Lets call this a stab in the dark! ---- I had a similar problem and I use Fjallraven wax. I rubbed the wax onto the area that was causing the problem. The wax melts under low heat and its waterproof. The wax can be removed by placing the cloths in a hot wash.Most hunters I know are good shots but bad stalkers if your clothing is making noise the only way to combat this is to move slow and the slower you move the better the chance's.If the wax works great.Glendine.

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    buy a swandri , completely silent !

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    I have heard that some british soldiers wear their goretex trousers under their cotton dpm's to dampen the noise.... just wear a vest and long johns on the outside.. lol

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    Wind string around your legs. Like on a barber's pole. A six inch gap between the winds. That will stop it.

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