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Thread: Rilfe Range Cumbria

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    Rilfe Range Cumbria

    I was down at Gardners Guns new rifle range today at Longtown. It was good to go somewhere and test some home loads and other ammo in a couple of my rifles without having to go to one of my shooting permissions. There is some ongoing work to add some shorter range shooting points but its up and running. NRA affiliated and approved up to anything accept .50BMG. I had my 9.3x62mm and tested some new loads.


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    what are the range lengths Ian,

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    Mark has put a lot of time and quite some money in building the range etc so well done to him.
    It is a 150 meter range with 3 firing points and as far as i Know you have to be a member joining 30 & all day on the range is I think going to be 20.


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    The only available firing points at the moment is 150yds but i'm sure it the next firing points will be 100yds and 50yds when their finished.

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    thanks lads, will pop in next time i am local. be good to see an sd membership discount plus 100% off for me because i suggested it.


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    Does anyone have any contact details? Do they have a website?

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    Psyxologos, the shop number is 01228792535. You need 2 passport photos so they can sort out your membership card.

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    Cumbria has been lacking a rilfe range for several decades....

    By the way, what is a rilfe?

    Be good to see any websites they may have for the range.
    I think that more of the same should be encouraged - as they allow practice 7 days a week & are an ideal way to do load testing & zeroing, etc.

    I've used the tunnel ranges at Calton Moor during the week...just a pity they're not closer to me or I'd be there more often!!

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    Anyone - commercial base or otherwise - prepared to go through the 'birth pain' of setting up a range is to be applauded and supported - good on them

    Saddler - Rilfe's are a new product - designed specifically to through the 'anti's' off the scent
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    Quote Originally Posted by ian67 View Post
    Psyxologos, the shop number is 01228792535. You need 2 passport photos so they can sort out your membership card.
    Many thanks!

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