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Thread: first sighns of rut maybe

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    first sighns of rut maybe

    out stalking last night drove out of the wood just before dusk
    there was a buck chasing a doe for about two minutes
    less than 70 yards away totally oblivious that we were there
    she was not showing much interest but he was sniffing and chasing
    your views welcome .
    keep it clean please

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    still no action around my area yet, been watching a doe for the past few after noons, bucks still not intrested yet, seen them close together just grazing away.

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    have seen a few bucks this week chasing Does big time this week & one of the lads was out on some of his own ground last night & just had a peep or to with the buttolo & managed to call the same doe in 3 times & a few others came into about 50m to the call, but they had no bucks with them.

    Regs Lee

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    I was looking at a field full of roe on Tuesday evening this week, mostly does but one buck, and there was no sign of interest from any of them. I still think we're a week or two too early. I've booked the week of the 10th August off as holiday, so I'm hoping that will coincide with the main rut


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    I was out on wed eve sitting up outside a wood for some fox cubs. Sat out for a couple of hours. Was using a fox call similar to the WAM one but this is from Australia.
    At around 22.10 just as last light I was using the call and watching a rabbit come up to about 5 ft away, turned back to the wood and bugger me there was a small buck( spiker) looking in my direction, no shot on and he made his way along a hedge out of sight.

    Not sure if he came to the call or just a coincidence???????????????


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    i had a doe come flying into the buttolo last night with a buck in tow.

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    Just to get this to the top again....any news anyone???

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    Just to get this to the top again....any news anyone???

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    no news on the roe rut but on saturday morning using the buttolo i called a muntjac buck in velvet to within 10 ft of me while i was lying beside my truck with the dog sat next to me on a byway. nice example, his velvet covered antlers were at least twice the length of his ears - looking forward to meeting him later in the year hopefully, and seeing him a few times before then!

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    started in yorkshire today mate see my thread

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