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Thread: BASC expands firearms team

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    BASC expands firearms team

    Morning all,
    I am happy to tell you that Paul Dale, a former firearms licensing manager for Staffordshire and West Midlands Police, has joined the BASC firearms team to help provide expert advice to members.

    More on the BASC web site.

    Regards to all,


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    Hmm does this mean that he understands the act and law or as most FLO's seem to do not so as they make it up as they go along?

    Suppose he should understand how the Police minds work though.

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    Yes he is well switched on to both the law and the police MO!


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    cool, good man to have. Hope he helps a lot of shooters!

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    Good news - we wish him well.
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    Is he a shooter himself? What type of shooting?

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    That is good news and a very positive step forward. atb Tim

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    This is an individual from the same Staffordshire Police that have a BLANKET policy of refusing all applications for s7(3) for historic pistols to be kept at designated Home Office secure sites?

    Answer please?

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    I wonder if he was with that force about 20 years back when they decided to try to impose a new condition (of their own invention) whereby re-enactors would only be granted an FAC for a rifle if they had the chamber of that rifle pinned so as to prevent a live round from being chambered/fired... (seems that there is a similar category on the continenent - France or Germany - but in THAT case the arms, once so pinned, are off-licence)

    I told the first couple of chaps so approached to mention the fact that such pinning would render the guns out of proof & make them cease to be S.1 guns PLUS the H&S implications of a pin failing when blanks were fired would be down to the Police

    The fact that he has been given the BASC job would suggest that he is not one of the office politics/ignore the Firearms Act & Home Office guidelines/the Inspector don't like them, so you cannot have one crowd

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    A poacher turned gamekeeper. Always the best type to get on board.

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