Hi All,Have any of you good folk seen the latest video clip produced by Mr. Kristoff Clausen.Visit: Kristoff Clausen on you tube and click on browse videos. Its Red deer stalking in Scotland a great video production shot entirely in HD nothing but amazing Scottish scenery. He was even kind enough to produce subtitles for the Scottish stalker snazzy music included. However every shot is in my opinion is dangerous. Breaking one of the most fundamental rules of shooting which is never ever shoot an animal on a skyline all agree? The first two stags were shot on a skyline followed by a stag shot whilst a hind was directly beside it whilst other hinds were to close for comfort Iím surprised the hinds donít sue the estate for post traumatic stress! The last stag was also sky lined. He states in the comment section that fog stopped us viewers from seeing the back drop bull****.This is from the guy who spent a year living in the wilds of Norway ahum! he was caught out he actually spent most of the time in a hotel in Sweden. Maybe itís just me Iím getting to old for this type of reckless shooting.Glendine