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Thread: Does anybody have experience of this agency?

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    Does anybody have experience of this agency?

    This agency appears to have stacks of land at its disposal and seems to offer very favourable terms. Has anybody taken the plunge and given them a go?

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    The name of the agnecy might help people decide

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    The clue could be in the link

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    You chaps are soooo polite!

    I take it you have certain reservations . . .

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    Thanks Stone. I've only been on the site since March so clearly wasn't aware the subject had already been more than adequately covered. I'm always wary of web sites that seem to offer so much for so little.

    Thanks all for your remarks.


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    You have a pm



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    A friend of mine joined Stalking SH this year as he has no ground of his own. His experience has been broadly positive, with some reservations.

    If you are prepared to travel to the further flung spots, SH seems to offer the opportunity to get close to plenty of deer - particularly on the ground in my local area around Herefordshire and Powys. He recently shot the best Roe buck I have ever seen - potential gold medal - on SH ground near here.

    The reservations stem from the fact that many of the landownders seem to have been given the impression that SH is an individual stalker, and are therefore taken aback when a succession of stalkers turns up. The booking system is a bit odd too - like something out of the Man from UNCLE I think some of the ground with less structure deer management plans in place have suffered inevitably from non-selective shooting or over shooting.

    It's an odd set up with some iffy facets, but it certainly offers deer for the shooting if you're happy to shell out 750 a year for the privilege and ignore the oddities.


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