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Thread: Deer Sack for Sika and Fallow

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    Deer Sack for Sika and Fallow

    Hi All,Re: Deer bag / sack I am wondering if any of you have ever used a sack to carry out Sika / fallowCull animals. I have acquired permission that is in close proximity if I walk But if I drive it would take a 45mins or moreCould anyone recommend a sack that would meet my needs?I was looking at a yool sack in bush wear any thoughts.Thanking you in a advance for your timeGlendine.

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    Poppins does an excellent sika sack! Love mine!!

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    Plus 1 on the above. PM Poppins off here, she will be able to supply, and at a good price too. Make sure you say it's for Sika/Fallow as she does a smaller Roe specific sack.
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    Thanks all for your reply. Where would you buy a poppins sackRegards,Glendine.

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    sylvia (Poppins) is trade member.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deer man View Post
    sylvia (Poppins) is trade member.
    Thanks My last reply looks very well now!

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    You boys must be god dam strong the only fallow I'd want to carry is a fawn as for sika ...never seen one so can't comment but our fallow here in northants knacker me just dragging them but then I am a wimp

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    + 1 for monarch

    Monarch Sika Sack Review

    I think you could carry a gralloched sika nae bother.

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    Ignore the pikey in the photo's, he always looks that uncomfortable.

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