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Thread: What press

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    What press

    Thinking of buying a new press. Any recommendations?

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    That's a bit like saying I'm buying a new car what do you recommend. Come on give us a clue, what do you have at the moment and what do you want the new one to do.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    It'd depend on what space you have, what your budget is & also what your intended use is.

    There are decent hand-held presses - I use an old Wamadet sometimes, Lee makes a sort of similar model
    You can also by-pass the need for a press altogether if you get one of the Lee Loader kits

    A fixed single stage press will turn out very accurate ammunition - as will a semi-progressive or a fully progressive (the latter may not be worth the extra outlay if you only plan to load a few cartridges a year)

    An RCBS RockChucker would be worth looking for 2nd-hand - or a similar Lyman single stage.

    (I use a lot of Lee kit - but have never personally had a good experience with their presses)

    I'm in East Lothian if you ever need to see some presses in use...but you may be miles away!
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    I have just bought a Redding Big Boss 2, as an upgrade and am very pleased with it
    Previously I had an RCBS Partner press and an old Lyman Spartan, the Lyman despite being 40 years old was a good press, better than the RCBS which was new when I got it.


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    these ones are hard work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post

    these ones are hard work!
    Damn! I wish had known you had one of those Ed... I'd liked to have asked to borrow it. I had to pass up on a load of apples that would have made good cider, last back-end. So, next year?

    Oh! and for making ammo, a decent "O" press from any of the top names or a Co-axial Forster ... definitely worth considering

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    I use an older rcbs RS press, it's a single stage press made out of proper steel and not the monkey metal that the newer rockchuckers appear to be made from, it gives good accurate results and feels like it'll last a lifetime. Don't know if he's still got it but BK on this forum had one for sale a little while ago which I was trying to buy as a spare, I just couldn't get him to come low enough for me to put it in the cupboard. Might be worth a try.

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    Rcbs rockchucker has served me well excellent press

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    Rem284, do you want a go with my rock chucker and T mag? Can let you have them the next time we meet


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    Redding Big Boss 2 for me, excellent press.

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