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Thread: Information please, Importers of Winchester Rifles?

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    Information please, Importers of Winchester Rifles?

    Help please, I need to find out who imports Winchester into the UK?

    I have a M8 in trouble with bases for his new Model 70 coyote light, too long a story to relate fully but the latest imports from EGW for 68.00 don't fit either.

    You may wish to consider and sort out this scenario before you buy a Winchester rifle with no bases!

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    Jesus 8mm threads for scope bases?

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    Thanks Kevin but the problem appears to be the hole centers not matching up on the EGW single piece base, he appears to have tried at least 5 other options with two piece bases too.
    He said he had been told by the rifle supplier that Winchester don't sell bases, a quick look on the net disproved that in minutes.
    How you can email Winchester in the States appears to be another situation.

    Thanks saddler!
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    Hi old man
    you need a base or bases drilled for a W.S.M rifle to fit the Winchester coyote light M70
    i purchased a ken Farrell one for the same rifle my self a few years ago they also give you the hole spacings on there website
    hope this helps

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    Try scope rails for a rail? I've one of their rails on my 243 and am most impressed. Regards JCS

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    Thanks Big Stu and jcs, just had it confirmed from EGW that it is the WSM one we need!

    I ordered the original one using the information supplied by EGW a 42000 one, I wonder why they gave me the wrong information in the first place? ? ? ? if they knew of the problem!

    Aah well! the battle starts for a refund.

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    I believe the importers are bwm arms
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