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Thread: Karesuando Knives

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    Karesuando Knives


    Has anybody used one of these knives. Had a look last week and liked them very much. Before I take the plunge wondered if any SD members had one ????

    Regards Steve

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    i have a g10 hunter model that i use alot, it highly rated bythe bushcraft community as well, check bcuk or British blades for more detail, i remember that they come with a life time warrenty on the tang, if it ever comes loose you get a new knife. I tend to prefer my Fallkniven, but i would , a mate uses a Boar ( ?) for bush craft and he swears by it. all in all a good blade and well priced, casstroms outdoor id the ebst on the web with the biggest range


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    I make knves as a hobby and have used a lot of Karesuando blades both stainless and high carbon and their quality is always excellent


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    i ahve got oneand use one regular but i hasten to add the stainless blades do not hold their edge very well and take some sharpening !
    when they are sharp they are a pleasure to use .

    cheers lee

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    Thanks for the replies. I ended up with this from my local gun shop!

    Regards Steve

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    How're you getting on with the Helle mate?

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