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Thread: Looking for good trophies

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    Looking for good trophies

    According to the numpties at HMRC I'm going to be earning a fortune next tax year. Their calculations have estimated my earnings to be more than 119,000. Therefore in anticipation of this windfall I'm thinking of trying for a six species gold medal year. If however, they have used Zambian kwacha and not Sterling, I may have to rethink my outings for next year....!

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    my cousins a gardener who turn over was 16000 last year, his tax bill he has recieved says he owes 44000 when he contacted them they told him to pay it and they would knock it off next years bill.

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    Bloody hell Dom you took to robbing banks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steyer 6.5 View Post
    Bloody hell Dom you took to robbing banks.
    not sure you'd bethe first on my list tell if I was..! No but I'm hoping to get an invite to HMRC's Christmas party!

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    I truely wonder where they manage to find such clowns.

    It also makes me wonder if similar clowns work in the treasury .................................................. ......... which would handily explain why the country is in such a mess.

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