Hello all just wondered if any of you have had any experience using the above.
My wife bought me one as a present when she spotted me looking at it in the bushwear catologue.
I KnoW it will be of no use to you guys with dedicated deer tracking dogs but it may be usefull to some of you who dont have access to a canine companion

I didnt actually want one for locating deer with i have a dog i can call on for that but as a tool i could use to check rabbit burrows with.
I simply scan the holes to see which ones are being used and as this unit measures temperature changes as low as one degree it easily registers if rabbits are in residance below thus saving time netting up.

I do however keep it in my kit bag if i am going on an invite [not locall] or somewere i cant take the dog .
To cut a long story short a friend of mine shot a buck which ran into a sillage field and was lost from view
Dogs are not allowed on this site as it is a private school with a farm and playing fields so i thougt i would give the finder a go.
Scanning the field i soon had a couple of hits on the finders LED display and walked towards the strongest signal and there was the buck stone dead with a perfect heart shot.
Now i am not saying these gizmos are the be all and end all in game recovery and will never replace good old proper fieldcraft but they do add another string to your bow and may well be worth a look
certaainly saved us a lot of time that day