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Thread: .308 favourites

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    .308 favourites

    I am sure its been done before but am new to reloading and wonder what others use. i appreciate every gun is different etc but i need to start somewhere!! I have been using a remington 150g soft point (they were cheap!!) with Varget and getting reasonable results but would like to try other combinations. I am shooting a Tikka t3 lite.

    any ideas appreciated.


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    150gr Interlock, 2.800" OAL, 44gr N140. Works well for me!
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    that's good and SST's in 150gr and 44gr n140 are very nice and smooth

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    If I were you I would stick with Varget and just try a few different Bullet heads around the 150gr weight range. I'm using Varget and 165gr Sierra game kings at the mo and they shoot well. Try for some ideas.

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    150grain Speer boat tails over 46.3grains RL 15 lapua brass CCI Primers very accurate round in my .308

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    [QUOTE=tjwaines;512127]150gr Interlock, 2.800" OAL, 44gr N140. Works well for me![/QU

    Just substitute the N140 with alliant RL15 and we'll call it snap

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    Sierra MK 168 over IMR 4895. Very accurate.~Muir

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    150gr Sierra HPBT MK, 43.5gr N140, Lapua brass shoots one hole groups at 100m in my Sako.

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    180 grain sierra btsp, 45 grains of s065 ,oal 2825

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    When I started loading for my 308W I got some of the Hornady 150 grain Spire Points as they were relatively inexpensive and an internet trawl seemed to indicate that everyone got great accuracy out of them. I found that they worked well on deer and they were also very accurate indeed plus with reloader 15, the only powder I really tried due to availability, I got 3000fps out of them. I have since moved to Nosler Partitions as they sometimes put chest shot sika straight down which the Spire Points never did however they are not so accurate and I'm only launching them at about 2700fps. I'd say your Varget will probably work just as well as the RL15 and, to be really honest, any reasonably prices cup and core bullet will probably work as well as a Hronady Spire Point so my advice is to buy what you can get a reliable supply of.
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