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Thread: range to bed rifle in

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    range to bed rifle in

    not long had a new rifle could really do with running barrel in properly got plenty of land but know where i can be left alone without dog walkers walking about boss moaning etc, to fire of a box or two im not really into shooting paper targets so 120+ to join a range is bit pointless ill pay a day rate or box of ammo etc upto you or any ideas on a range near ish peterborough cambs,northants etc who charge hourly/daily
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    Try Jim Riley DVGM. He's in Cambs
    He's got a range that I think he lets people book.
    His website is below - he's also on this forum.
    Pest Control Suffolk

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    ill give him a go depends if he likes freindly competion we are in similar business can only say no i suppose

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    You also have Kynamco at mildenhall which is about an hour away from Peterborough. Nice 100m underground range

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    Epperstone Range, is about an hour and a half north of you.
    If you feel like the drive, you are welcome to use the range one saturday or sunday afternoon.
    Free of charge, to a fellow stalker.

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    +1 for Kynamco at mildenhall very Nice 100m underground range and a very nice chap aswell and you may see some game loads being tested
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    that would be ideal but they only take yearly subscriptions plus the range officer sent me a pm stating they have a waiting list so are fussy that did make me chuckle but cheers for the heads up

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    call me tomorrow see what days you have spare. I have a couple of days booked. But if it work you can come to mine.
    You've got my number. Call me

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    There's the 100yard range at Normans Cross mate that the old bill use but I'm not sure if it's open to the general public like the 50yard range is.

    Can't remember what the club is called though?!

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