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Thread: flat nosed bullets

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    flat nosed bullets

    i have been on the look out for some 130gr soft point .308 heads and all i can find is one box of speer flat nosed and i just wondered if anyone knows the reason for them having a flat nose ?

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    Probably for use in a tubular magazine .30-30 rifle.

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    If the Speer part number for the bullets is 2007 then they are for a 30-30 cartridge. The 130 grain bullet is designed to expand at the slower speeds that the 30-30 will generate, min 1757 fps - max 2433 fps at muzzle using a 20" barrel, as opposed to speed for a 130 grain bullet out of a 308 cartridge min 2446fps - max 3062 fps using a 22" barrel.

    Chronograph very useful here if you are going to develop a load for them in a 308 cartridge but bullet design will lead to rapid expansion at higher speeds and possibly more suited to vermin than deer. Think about the safety aspects as well.

    Best to use bullets designed for the cartridge than try to beat the bullet designers unless you enjoy the work with its occasional triumphs and many disappointments!



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