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Thread: Camera angle.

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    Camera angle.

    Taken today.
    I was stood behind my sticks camera placed on a 8 inch pile of snow i heaped up.
    The camera was at my feet.
    See the difference only 5ft of camera angle dose to the prespective.
    Also the zoom was x42 (deer were 140m's) and they are stood in a 60 acre field, the far hedgerow was measured at 392m's while i waited for them to come a little closer.
    Prespectives a funny thing.
    I saw both my spent rounds kick the snow up about 60m's behind the deer.
    Snow on the ground but the frost has gone from the ground now as can be seen when the deer scrape the floor.
    I was in 2 minds weather to post as the usual suspects will critisize me, but I assue they were safe shots and I waited 15mins for them to become even safer.

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    Nice footage John - and that change of perspective is so important - especially when teaching new shooters safe shots - I'd be showing an edited version of that on your DSC course as a great example.
    ...and as for that many deer on the park - has no-one been shooting them?!

    Do let us know if you need a hand ....!!!
    Nooooooooooooobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!! Our main weapon is.........

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    Thanks, yes too many folks who are not there seem to comment on lots of shooting videos and 5ft can make it look so much different.
    Also please note again the sticks were the ones I always use TJwaines is making them now and can be contacted on here.
    They are really good sticks and practice are great in the field.

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    nice video john keep them coming

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    the second one does look skylined, until you stand up to where the shot was taken,

    I bet you still get comments,

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    Nicely done.

    Shows the value of being competent using sticks.



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    last year clients shot only 3 deer out of 165 off a bipod we always use sticks
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    i can count on one hand the deer ive shot from a bipod, i always use sticks if stalking or highseat

    but i always leave a bipod on my rifle cus you never know and it give you all possible options

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    Good shot!! Very nice !! Thanks for the share!!
    commented on YouTube last night !welldone

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    john what camera do you use ?????

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