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Thread: Lighter, smaller, improved moderator

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    Lighter, smaller, improved moderator

    Just a few images of the new S Series moderator available for calibres up to .338 lap mag, nominal weight 420g, nominal length 150mm, diameter 38mm, all stainless steel.
    Available forward mounting or reflex, strippable or fully welded. Obviously the heavy calibres are slightly heavier due to increased wall thickness on the tube.
    Rifle shown is a .243 howa 1500

    Here is a comparison with one of the market leaders (ours is the smaller one)

    Many thanks for Andy who took the time and made the effort to take the photographs.

    Thanks for looking at hope to see youat the British Shooting Show and the Kelso Fair


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    What's the noise attenuation?


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    Differs from calibre to calibre but nominally 22-28db.

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