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Thread: Maps required

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    Maps required

    I have just taken on approx 600 acres of shooting permission and got a guided tour from the farmer. I know it's not a massive area but with a field or two and a small coppice pointed out as "that's not mine" here and there, I like to know that I'm legal at all times and not wondering into the realms of poaching / armed trespass.
    I have on some other permissions been given maps which are more in detail than the OS maps detailing individual Forrest blocks & fields.
    Question: what are these maps called and where / how would I obtain one.
    I could then sit down with the farmer and pen on the boundary lines
    Cheers Wingy

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    I use google earth. Very clear pictures.
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    An OS 125:000 is more than adequate for what you need.

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    Wingy. I use this url - Get-a-map from Ordnance Survey then crop it and update it in PowerPoint with any details that I want to retain. Sometimes I take more than one image and stitch them together. Secondly, ask the farmer if he has an A4 map? Regards JCS

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    Have a look here mate, it's great for learning new ground!

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    He probably gets sent a set of maps of all of the land that he farms every year when completing his Single Payment application form. Maybe you should ask him for last year's maps before he bins them, or ask if you can have this year's when he's finished filling the forms, which will be sent out in early March.

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    The OS will do you an address centred map, or ACE map, in a range of scales. They don't need to be centred on an actual street address and so can be centred on any place. They can be relatively expensive but are available as a download from the OS site (or at least used to be) so you can have one in your hand in a few minutes. They usually show features that you hadn't even noticed were there and the one I have is on a 1:5000 scale.

    In saying all of that I suspect Google Earth is probably a much better tool for what you want to do and you can just print out the images to suit you. Where the area of ground is large print it across several A4 sheets and carry them with you for reference.
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    Thanks, a few there to be looking at

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    Just use Bing maps on the OS setting and print

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    This is very good

    Defra mapping site
    Below is a link to my website.
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