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    Smile MickH introduction

    Hi every one... well I'm ancient now but still have a lot of breath left cause I found out when I was scampering -yes scampering up the very steep steep banks atween the trees on a farm owned by a good friend of mine in Ballindalloch...
    It's many a year that I've been in love with that land & being as my pal said (mid November 2012).... You'll be wanting te tak a deer hame wi ye ? I took up the offer & was roaming around for a couple of days & it brought back some very fond memories of the place. As usual the roe were more alert than I was & as usual I did see them but as always they see me afore I see them. The second morning however I did spy one through my binocs about 100 yds away but it was in cover of which there is plenty there and all I could see was the rear half which is frustrating when you need to see the front half at that range - perfect then it dissapeared into thin air so no wonder they call them the 'fairies of the wood'!

    I have always got plenty of rabbits up there but there was none around there but on the other side of the river there were a few and I got 4 to take home --- lovely rabbit stew.

    The weather was bloody freezing so I didn't hang about long but I'm looking forward to going back when it's a bit warmer.

    I've had shot guns over 50 years for the pigeons but didn't get a 22 LR till I was 50 odd because I could always borrow my pals anytime so long as I kept on 'his' ground of course. I only got my own 22 & then a 222 because my pals scope was with my eyesight - diabolical... We were once roaming around one night & one of the young pals said shoot it atween the eyes ! I said -I canna see it's bloody eyes so I had to request that I get my own rifle which I'm very glad I did... Only thing is I might have made a mistake because I realize that although a 222 is capable of dispatching animals larger than roe I should have got a 243 and because I reload my cartridges I could have loaded the lightest in 243 for the foxes and then heavier for the roe and the heaviest for the reds. As a sensible bonus it would have been legal for roe in England / Wales. I've always wondered why the likes of Richard Prior says the 222 might become legal for roe in England but it has never gained this status here ? I fully agree with him when he says in his book Modern Roe Stalking -- the 222 is a deadly round in careful hands.... Ah well ----must stop rattling.
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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome MickH

    Next time your in Ballindalloch why not visit Callum Ferguson, it may be an expensive visit, but would be money very well spent.

    Best regards

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    Hello and welcome

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