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Thread: tikka m595 or t3 dovetail optiloc mounts. fit direct to action

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    sako dovetail optiloc mounts. fit direct to action

    Sako optiloc rings. These rings are not the ones that go on bases but go onto the sako dovetail.
    there blued 25 mm. I think there medium hight but will check tomorrow to make sure. They have the inserts so protect the scope tube.

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    There 100 pound new on most sites.
    Last edited by jay 22; 27-01-2013 at 17:40. Reason: Sako not tikka mounts as i 1st said

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    Your photograph shows Sako rather than Tikka ringmounts.

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    Your right I've just tried them on my m595. And dont fit )

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    Sako rings still here. Go right onto action.action these are 100 pound new so half price posted is a bargain

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