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Thread: strange heads

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    strange heads

    Below are 4 pictures of 2 roe heads. Both animals were taken from the same ground this year. The antlers almost look as if they have been melted I am sure the explanation is well known but they are a curiosity to me. Are they going back, the animals didnt seem that old? If they were old I wouldnt hav expected to find them both virtually on the same field. Could they be brothers?

    The area is decent habitat with plenty of feed.

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    Hi shootingduckdog

    Sorry i dont have the answer but i love seeing the abnormal heads..

    Personally i definately prefer the head being cut just into the eye sockets.
    Do you cut all your heads this way as a preferance?


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    Do you still have the bottom jaw or the top teeth to see the wear? This could help in the ageing of the animals. It is also interesting to see the sloping coronets and the wide pedicles.

    I would have liked to have sen these and the jaws for a better guestimate.

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    Both have low pedicles/sloping coronets which would indicate older animals 'Going-back' as you suggest. The obvious indicator though will be toothwear if you still have the rest of the skull or lower jaw? Without those it could remain a mystery.

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    Terry, these are not actually my heads but my oppo's. We both do these really lazy cuts if we just want the antlers as a record rather than a trophy.

    MS and Jingzy, sorry no lower jaw available but I did expect the teeth on one of the animals and it didnt seem that bad.

    Another theory is frost damage, how would that normally manifest itself?

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    Strange Roe Heads

    I have two heads showing the same deformity. I was told at the time I got the first one that it was frost damage. The second one I shot next to the coast in Berwickshire where there is little frost in that the ground never gets hard due to the sea air. The circulating blood at anyrate would protect the antler in velvet from frost unless we were in the extremes of frostbite conditions. Not really likely. Better explanation would be a setback due to ilness,liverfluke lameness or other at the time in the winter when the antler was growing. David.

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    You say both these animals were shot in the same place? Perhaps the habitat is only suitable ground to sustain an old animal that has been kicked out of a prime position?

    As to frost damage why don't all Roe in Northern Europe where it is much colder than here all show the same trait?

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    if it was frost damage there would be the same effect on both antlers and possibly bent or twisted as we hav not really had that hard a frost
    looks more like poor feed and bad genetics played a major part along with age
    but still 2 good cull bucks all the same
    thanks for the pics

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