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Thread: Foxpro programming

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    Foxpro programming

    Evening all. Just trying to put some new sounds onto my scorpion. Well, I,m no Bill Gates and have managed to wipe the lot out. So, what I have is a cd with 200 sounds on and a formatted mini card. Is there an idiots guide to getting them together. Any help appreciated.

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    ill ask my two year old. She's dam good with the remote.
    i tried calling you today but you don't care, I'll call tomorrow lol.

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    Well i've managed to put about ten calls on a unit that can hold 200. Can i buy a micro from anywhere with the sounds on, as this computer lark is doin my head in.

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    I have the same problem here,

    I have kept the same cards it came with but when i transfar them to another card no matter how i format it they go to the card but the caller will not play them,

    i have downloaded the fox pro program from the net, what a waist of time that was, also when you go into the cards the program is in there too,(marked as lableutil, right at the bottom) also a pain in the Rs as this does not work either, ill keep trying and let you know,

    all i want to do is put all the calls i want to use on one card, job done.( well i hope so)

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    i have dug out an old laptop with the origional program, just got it on charge, and hope to use that to reprogram the chip.
    Watch this space.
    Cheers for the replt Bob.

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    Just make sure you have them numbered 001 002 etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by camo304 View Post
    yep LOL

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    Neil, I'll drop you a PM, give me a shout if you need help mate.

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    Many thanks ,look forward to getting it.
    cheers neil

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