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Thread: dsc1 booked with basc.

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    dsc1 booked with basc.

    anybody on here taken the course at the basc HQ in rossett, wrexham?
    really looking forward to the day, had my head down and into the revision as soon as it came through the post.

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    You are doing it with Peter Pursglove, he knows his stuff. You will be fine. Learn the materials and questions. Recognition is the bit people sometimes find tricky.

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    I did mine with Peter in Essex, its a really good course. If you put the time in reading you will be ok. Most important of all enjoy it

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    How much is it costing

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    6 pointer i did my with BDS northwest branch it cost me 295.00

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    cost is 290. and not a million miles from where i live.
    wondering if anybody on here has done the course and assessment at rossett so i have an idea what to expect regarding the shooting and safety assessment. (are they on site or do we go to a range etc.)

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