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Thread: First day on the range

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    First day on the range

    Since about two years I am on the waiting list of the only long range shooting range in the Flemish part of the country. There is almost a permanent member stop as demand is far bigger than free places. Since 1 jan 2013 I am accepted as a member. I just ordered som prvi partizan for my 7x64 to have something to shoot at my first visits. There is a huge restriction on calibres. 7x64 / 30-06 are the largest accepted. The 223 is allowed on any of the "stands" so I plan to buy one, which could do double duty as a fox rifle.
    As I am a complete rookie on shooting ranges, what does a man need to go an shoot there ? A rifle offcourse, but what else? The range has 100,200,300,400 and 600 m ranges and a running boar stand. There are no shootingtables or whatever, just a bare grass field.

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    A ground sheet to lie on,
    a bipod.
    a rear bag.

    If you are shooting in the rain I would use a bivvy bag as it keeps everything dry, including you.

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    Rifle, ammo and (most importantly!) hearing protection. For zeroing you should have something to rest the rifle on. A bipod is nice but a rucksack will do.

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