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Thread: 200 ILA Grant towards dsc1 in Scotland!!

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    200 ILA Grant towards dsc1 in Scotland!!

    hey all, my friend just got a 200 grant from ILA scotland towards doing his dsc 1 at Barony college near Dumfries. Seems that if you live in Scotland and earn less that 22k a year you can get a 200 grant from ILA Scotland that can be used towards the cost of dsc 1 with a couple of colleges.

    You just phone up and get an application form, fill it in and send it back so it seems really easy to do. You can use the grant with Barony College near Dumfries or North Highland College way up north at Thurso. I know the Barony college is about 250 for a weekend course with assessment so if you get a grant it's only 50 + the grant.

    It's worth giving your nearest college a phone to see what the score is because i paid full wack for my level 1 and wish i'd known about the grant before hand!!

    Barony College 01387 860251

    North Highland College 01955 606535

    Hope that helps!

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    Do you need to be actively engaged in wildlife/game management or can anybody apply just so long as they pass the means test and prove residency?

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    Looked on the ILA website and from what it says it doesn't matter about your background. My mate works in a pub?!

    It sounds like the grant is to encourage people to learn new skills like computing or whatever. DSC 1 is on of the courses on the list you can choose from. Learn deer stalking!

    my mate was looking at doing dsc 1 for helping get his fac. Barony college advised him to apply for the grant to help pay for the course and he said were great help in sorting it.

    How sweets that, level one for 50 ish

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    Individual Learning Accounts used to be available across the UK. I used mine in 1999 to fund my DSC2. Unfortunately the Govt handed the administration over to Crapita who couldn't run a piss up in a brewery. They implemented a system that was so open to abuse we, the taxpayer, were ripped off to the tune of s hundreds of thousands, if not millions - Crapita and the Govt never did come clean on the final figure....

    ILAs were a brilliant idea to help people learn new stuff that was useful and relevant to them. Fair do to the Scottish Parliament for reintroducing it - better that than beavers and sea eagles !

    More info here

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    Well, well!

    It looks like ILAs remain available in Wales too. See here

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    Just had a quick check online to see if they were available again in England and guess what?.......Yep, you're right! I'm just so lucky to live in the United Kingdom.

    I did follow the Wiki link and it seems that the Crapita fiasco actually cost you and I 97 million through fraud and abuse. Mind you that hasn't stopped the Govt shoving even more lucrative public service contracts their way.

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    does anyone know what percentage of recreational stalkers have done level one so far?

    I ask because with the proposed bill one thing that seems likely is that to stalk deer you will have to be qualified whatever basc and the likes try to do to stop it.

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    Well it seems that level 1 and I assume Level 2 is supported in Scotland


    Why is tax payers money being used to help stalkers attain Level 1 when it will still mean they cannot stalk on their own if the idiots in power manage to push through the utter crap they are pushing in the recent bill they have proposed, or are proposing

    Beggers belief


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    sikamalc, please add you view to this.

    Even with the bill passed they can just magic a qualification together that will be ready for delivery by training centres within say 18 months but you are right, they definately want their own qualification for Scotland.

    What I didn't understand though and what was the big question. What is the point of having an alternative qualification to the dsc levels?


    1) The rule makers create the qualification they control

    2) They make it a requirement to get the qualification to be on the new register.

    3) They make it illegal to shoot deer in Scotland without holding the qualification while also being on the register unless you are being supervised by someone who is when culling.

    4) They charge an appropriate (LARGE) fee to do the course through training centres currently doing dsc which becomes redundant.

    5) They make it a condition that every person attends update couses as a condition to stay on the register and charge additional fees.

    6) They create a self financing guarenteed system that on one hand on paper at least raises the standards for deer management in Scotland but actually is a scam to create a monopoly that rakes in cash when dsc levels would have done just fine but they're not in charge of them.

    Is that a conspiricy theory or really what it sound like they want to do?

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