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Thread: 22 250 moderator

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    22 250 moderator

    Hi guys,

    I have just ordered my new foxing rig in 22 250, what do the guys that shoot this calibre recommend as the best moderator???



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    I have a couple of ase cqb mods for my rifles I really rate them.

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    well i have been using the wildcats, and i throught they worked well, but reading a post this week they might not be as effective as some other makes
    good luck

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    PES t12scout!

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    I use a Ase ultra jet z cqb on a.22BR not far of your 22-250 velocity wise really good moderator one of the better I've used and I have used loads of makes and types over the years
    Also rate North Star moderators same manufacturer had one on my .243 a good few years now
    never had any issues at all with zero shift with these two moderators as they are removed when rifles ain't getting used
    not a big fan of stripable moderators personally the last wildcat I had on a.270 calibre specific the end baffle stack came loose after every three shots through it no matter how tight they were put on !
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    Just try and stay away from the t8 too big and tinny

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    I have a CMM4 on my T3 22-250, works very well.TJ
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    jim baker marauder moderators
    It is made of stainless steel and is a sealed unit consisting of a series of welded baffles forward of the muzzle, with a large rear expansion chamber that sits over the barrel its powder coating on the out side , the best part it will not rust out , will not need cleaning and jim said the more you use it the quieter it will get. I got one on my 22.250
    Jim Baker Tel: (Mobile) 07733 043823

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    mod for 22-250

    Quote Originally Posted by Daz308 View Post
    Hi guys,

    I have just ordered my new foxing rig in 22 250, what do the guys that shoot this calibre recommend as the best moderator???


    As you can see from the posts you have a number of choices, we have samples from our range at the British Shooting Show if you would like to come along and have a look. Most of the mods that we sell for the 22-250 are from our S Series which is an all stainless, fully welded unit.

    If I can help any further dont hesitate to drop me a pm or a post.



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