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    hi all, im looking at different knifes, whats the best all round knife, i mainly use it for rabbits and deer.
    are the gut hucks any good, and i saw the earlyer post about the breast saw for deer which was useful. Dose any one use a skining knife to.
    many thanks

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    Carbon Mora ......cant go wrong

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    EKA swing blade is the best knife I have used, and I have used them all....well alot anyway . They hold their edge and the gralloch blade which is not a hook is very useful. A hook often gets caught up when your trying to bleed the animal.

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    Just got one of these to try
    Pocket Tools with Locking Blades: Victorinox Hunter XT --- Heinnie Haynes - Knives, Pocket Tools and Accessories
    The safety blunt tip serrated blade is a great opener, folders are not for everyone but a sensible knife in a practical colour at not too silly a price. As blades lock and are a shade over 3 inches you must have a good reason for having a knife like this on your person.

    Also +1 for the swingblade, TOP TIP don't buy a Buck or a gut hook knife, Bucks of late have lost the plot and gut hook knives are no good for cutting out the back passage.

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    me i like this type of blade quite narrow and will do the anal canal on smaller deer no problem but also long enough to bleed the biggest deer as well as it doing the atlas joint well although i have just started doing a thin blade for that purpose alone. I find the swingblade abit broad for my liking . Can i ask all you swingblade users if they are long enough to bleed the animal through the chest?, atb wayne
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    Quote Originally Posted by griffshrek View Post
    Carbon Mora ......cant go wrong
    Can't argue there, they sure take a keen edge, and if you loose it !! at a tenner just buy another.
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    Knives are very personal so I am sure you will get lots of opinions! I don't like gut hooks on the knife but if you want one get a Kershaw dedicated one. It has a nice wide blade so doesn't block with hair. Fixed Blade Knives: Kershaw Zip-it --- Heinnie Haynes - Knives, Pocket Tools and Accessories

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    I've got an EKA Swede 10 with orange handle - handles everything I've thrown at it - and just bought a Bear Grylls Scout folding from Lizard223 on here as back up.

    Always carry a small folding knife for anything other than deer work

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Buck View Post
    Can't argue there, they sure take a keen edge, and if you loose it !! at a tenner just buy another.

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    I have an orange Eka swing blade and it is has proved very useable and keeps its edge.

    I also have a £10 bush knife which gets used for everything. A few strokes on the falkniven to put the edge back on, boil the whole thing to get it clean, and if I loose it I just get another.
    Nothing wrong with low priced, and you don't get attached to them.

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