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Thread: I'll start...

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    I'll start...

    Anyone from the Dorset, Hants, Wilts way fancy a meet up?
    Either a bit of clay shooting or just a pint in the evening.

    I'm sure pheasantsniper1 will be up for it but is anyone else?

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    sako 85
    count me in just over the border in somerset

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    i will be in dorset at the end of the month with the family,lyme bay area may be meeting up with ianf,and will be seeing tony off here.

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    I have a 600 acre lease near Dorchester and would be happy to meet up when i am back down there.

    I am planning to be down for the Sika rut in September with Robin off the site joining me. Let me know if anyhting is arranged for this time.

    All the best


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    I'm in Hampshire and would be keen to meet up.


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