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Thread: Sika stalking in Ireland

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    Sika stalking in Ireland


    I have read a thread from March 2012 asking a similar question, but wondered if any one has used Irish Deer Services with James Duggan for sika in Wicklow? www.irishdeerservices....

    In the previous thread I take all the points and recommendations about John Fenton and will follow that up and get in touch with him, but wanted any feedback on irish deer services if nayone has any experience of them? The website is good and prices seem reasonable. I have the website of the accomodation he uses which looks good and his deer gallery has some good pictures.

    I have emailed him and his replies have not been very prompt or overly helpful to be honest, but I am loathed to judge someone on emails as it is not the best way to communicate, I prefer in person. On that note I have invited him to call me and he has not yet (starting to look very good for John Fenton getting the business!!).

    Also anyone selling sika stalking in england that you know of I would be interested?


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    Hi Jp,

    Check out it has a review by a french hunter on John's buisness.
    John's a hell of a nice guy and one hell of a stalker.


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    If you check out the above, John Fenton appears to have done these lads proud & as I personally know one of those present (Eric) on that hunting trip, I'd have every confidence in this report. ATB
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    you wont go wrong with John Fenton Ive stalked with him many times,great bloke,great ground and even better animals available,not been over for a few years do to the costs that has to be charged nowerdays

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    Wonderful Wicklow and the mixed bag of a couple of Swedish friends and myself.
    I shot the Red stag in Co.Meath and it was the best of my life since 1961.

    Stalking the mountains and forests of Eire was always the high-light of my stalking year.

    I first shot over there as a member of the England DTL clay pigeon team in 1971 and at the International Tournament I was introduced to an Irish team member who was also a stalker.
    We arranged exchange stalking visits which ultimately opened doors in Sweden for Moose, Roe and Beaver hunting.

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    A word to the wise from an Irish perspective.

    A lot of "outfitters" operating over here are what I would deem as chancers. They'll take you onto lands where they've no permissions, or onto lands that are part of the national park where stalking is prohibited. I know that some of them are operating with insurance that does not cover them to be operating for financial gain also.

    ive never shot with John Fenton, but I can say that from what I've heard he's one of very few outfitters that are completely above board and legitimate.

    please note I have no allegiance to John Fenton whatsoever, I just would not like to see anybody ending up in hot water.

    all the best,


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    Thanks alot for the advice, it is really appreciated.

    I have now spoken to John Fenton and am looking at any spaces he has later in the year, though he is really booked up already which is also a good sign. You cannot beat a good recommendation, although I dont have any costs from John yet, that is not the main issue, good hunting, hospitality and being safe and legal are the main considerations and I had not given any thought to the legality to shoot on the land issue!!!! Doh....


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    This is James here of Irish Deer Services. Just a little warning for you Elmer, the last guy who put the words Irish Deer Services and shooting national park together in one statement ended up apologizing unreservedly in writing and that was the man that you have no allegiance with so be careful before you open your mouth as we are fully insured and have never taken money from guys to bring them poaching. Seen as you have only been shooting 5 years you might be better off getting a bit more experience before you talk.
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    Hi Irish Deer Services,
    I haven't met John Fenton in twenty years.
    He brought me for a stalk as an air rifle nipper but I thought he was a nice guy. I get the impression you are saying he slandered you. Can you post a link please or a copy of the correspondence.

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