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Thread: Leighs extension update

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    Leighs extension update

    hi guys , ive had a few pms regarding how the extension for leigh is coming on, tbh reading between the lines of some of them it appears to me that there is an element of mistrust , so heres where we are at

    the drawing are done, and the prices from builders are in ( they ranged from 25k to 40k )
    the cost of the build is 25k
    we have raised /saved 10K
    leaving a shortfall of 15k

    we are remortgaging our home for 18K just to be on the safe side, now heres where the delay has been ,
    being self employed the banks wanted 3 years books , my end of year wasnt till last december 15th , so susan had to reconcile the books , present them to the accountant to have them audited , which has now been done , and the 3 years have now been presented to my financial advisor so he can get me the best deal on my remortgage

    to my mind it seemed stupid to spend upwards of 3k on surveys and planning etc untill i had the money secured to complete the building work

    i hope this clears it up , if not feel free to ask questions

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    Best of luck, I hope all goes well with the build.



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    Adapting your home | Carers UK

    If you follow the links you can get the Scottish equivalent thare are grants for disabled adaptions from various other fields

    As for planning permission submit a drawing yourself and a schedule they will implement the changes required ,there have been various changes in planning in. Scotland since last April which help on small build extensions ,cutting huge amounts of red tape as was previously a pain and a stumbling block.

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    Good on ya S-Stalker.

    Hope you dont get too much hassle with planning etc and that you get it all sorted for your daughter.

    Best Regards


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    hi brian just a wee note, i had cerialthriller oot at the hinds at crianlarich and no hinds to be seen only stags, so we went to the isle of mull on sat past and we had a good day with 5 hinds shot by himself. posted a few picts, neal was a good lad and a great hand with the hinds i hope that leigh is doing fine. ps i have also have given the hind that JIMBO123 won in the the auction to D CAMPBELL & SONS in callander it will be ready to collect on friday. i have contacted him by phone and hope to see him on friday. all the very best with your building work and hope that it all is fine. david

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    dont forget that work for a disabled person should not attract a planning or building warrent fee.

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    Vat shouldnt be chargeable for disabled work its a shame you not nearer as we are quite at the minute and could off helped out with the work

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    THE REMORTGAGE HAS BEEN APPROVED !!!!! , ,thank for everything guys, i will start a picture thread as work starts

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    Great news, well done!


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