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    new pup

    New pup arrived home last night, another black and tan terrier, if he's half the dog his grandfather has been he'll be fine.

    Photos will be posted soon , but just to say I shot a buck last night , the shot fealt ok, I had spooked the buck and he ran up 50m and stood broadside, I took a shot of my knees at about 120m at his shoulder anyway he ran without much reaction. Old Broch my terrier tracked him 100m and found him dead[shot was fine] , broch is nearly 15 .

    He was absolutley knacked this morning, so I think last night was his "swan song" he's currently curled up sleeping with "Mac" in the kitchen.


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    some dogs just seem to go on for ever
    just they need more sleep
    15's a good age to retire on a good note
    good luck with the new arrival

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