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Thread: Variation Turn Around .WOW!

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    Variation Turn Around .WOW!

    Had put this on here as I posted a comment about Leicestershire FLO. I was told that my renewal would take up to 8 weeks and it was just under on my door step a day before my ticket was due to run out at the end of 2012. No messing about.
    So I've just bought a new rifle and disposed of one. So a 1 off 1 was filled in.
    I posted it on Monday afternoon of this week and it has returned today. Four days, I am very impressed with Leicestershires turn around. Even had a phone call on Wednesday to tell me a couple of chages I'd also asked for in a letter would be done.

    A happy man!
    PS. Monday will be a good day pick up my antque single shot rifle that has been resleved by the late Derick Furn whoopee!

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    four days geeez thats fast well done leicester from wot i gather we have gone all to hell down here again gone from 10 to 14 day turnaround for variation to 6 to 8 weeks again longer for grants and renewals i was told 3 weeks ago by my F L O to get my renewal forms done as its out in april and she would come round and collect them which she has done this week said i should recieve new ones just before old one runs out they got a big backlog gun trade is booming down here my rfd says been very busy for months

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    I when called into West Merica HQ (in 1986) with a Variation, I waited 45mins and it was done.
    Kind Regards

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    Wow that is great service nice to see a positive result!

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