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Thread: Choke travel on Honda quad

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    Choke travel on Honda quad

    Hi All,
    Could anybody tell me how much travel there should be on a 2002 Honda TRX350 Quad, at the moment the choke has about 10mm travel, is that right or is it not enough?
    The reason I ask is that it is a bit dour to start on the colder days.

    Also does anybody have any recomendations on a company for Quad insurance?



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    i have the same quad but in 250, about the same age and mine has about an inch of travel. Cannot help with insurance, i tried and got fed up!

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    about 10mm of travel on the choke of my trx350 mine starts first time even after lying in the shed for a few weeks try a new plug - and NFU are the only insurers that i could find

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    About 10mm on mine, starts fine.

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    I have trx 420 on a 2003. I have about a 10mm out but on the cold days make sure you give in plenty of throttle for about 3-5 mins. My friend works for Honda quads and he told me that's the best on the year. Bike insurance , I use bike sure and have done for the past couple of years.

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    There is a problem with the choke cable end where it goes into the carb they are spring loaded and seize up where cable goes into car pm me will give you my no to talk it through if you want any help

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    Tattie 10mm of travel isn't far out ,there is very little adjustment on the cable,the only thing you can do is adjust the tension on the plastic nut below the knob so it doesn't spring back in when you pull it up,sounds to me like you need to take the plunger out of the carb and smear with a little vaseline as they have a habit of sticking,
    Yorkshire lad your quad can't be a 420 as they didn't come out till 2007 and they have fuel injection so they don't have a choke system, your quad would be a TRX350 also.
    i use N.F.U for my insurance on my quad
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    Thanks for your replies, I have just logged in and have to go back to work in 10 mins, I will study replies and possibly contact a few of you.



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    water/rain gets into the choke cable, then runs down the inner and get's into the choke slide, you have to be careful then the damm thing can and will run away if left in gear ticking over .one of ours managed 1/4 mile across two sheep wire fences it was funny watching the boss trying to catch up with it to stop it .
    a barony original

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    Hi All,
    I replaced the plug when I got it a few months ago (119 hours) and it has had next to no use since, but the choke just feels stiff and not like it has travelled enough to have done anything at the carb. I think jb7x57 and keith @ Honda may have struck the nail on the head with the plunger in to the carb having seized. I will give that a go on Tuesday night.

    Thanks also for the insurance info I will check that out later in the week as well.



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