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Thread: Bullet amount on licence

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    Bullet amount on licence

    Realise this has Been covered a few times, just wanted you thoughts on how many bullets is reasonable to request to purchase and store. I reload for my centre fire rifles and currently have 200 purchase and 300 store. I've put a variation in for a different cal and asked for 600 purchase and 800 store. Had a call from the police (left a message) to say he wanted to discuss some "issues" with my variation. Can't see where being an issue with the 141 swap but could be the amount I have requested. Ill call him on Monday to check but likely the amount. Thoughts?
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    If you are reloading most brands come in 100 so it doesn't take long to have a large amount of projectiles does it, trying to work up a light varmint/fox load might entail 3 brands of bullet and a heavy deer load the same so there is 600 before you start.
    Reasonable argument?

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    500 hundred to purchase and 1000 to hold it used to be 1500 in each caliber on my fac

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    One of the "nonsenses" of the Conservative Government's post-Dunblane legislation was raising expanding bullets (in other words the BULLETS and not loaded ammunition) to the need to be on Certificate.

    Thus whilst previously a re-loader might have had, say 300 round "possess" and 200 round "acquire" that was for complete rounds. And he may very well have had, say, three hundred assorted actual bullets for that calibre in his or her possession in addition to actual loaded complete rounds.

    It's easy to do. Most bullets come in one hundreds. You try, say twenty, they don't perform as well as you hoped and so, before 1996 you sold them to ther fellow stalkers o experiment with.

    But now as they can't be sold unless face to face you can't do that any more. So many reloaders are stuck with these part used boxes and in fact can't easily dispose of them.

    So many, I do for instance, now have an allocation for my two stalking rifles of 600 "possess". That is a THREEFOLD increase. Now I don't ever need more than one to two hundred loaded rounds ever, and that in itself is a lot, BUT I do want to be able to possess that number of bullets.

    Why? Because if I've to drive maybe two hundred miles to buy expanding bullets for reloading, or want a dealer to get them in stock (and me pay the carriage) well I might as well get a lot and spread the acquisition cost (petrol or carriage) over four hundred bullets as just one hundred bullets.

    Maybe commonsense will return and these expanding missiles will come OFF Certificate and one can go back to being able to order just one or two hundred at a time and sent by standard postal delivery!

    But most police forces do see the logic of the last but one paragraph and are happy to increase the amount allowed to "possess" if it is explained that way. Especially if you use either a "exotic" or obsolete or unusual calibre or bullet weight. Think, for example, 150 grain Nosler Partition in 270 Winchester etc., etc., or 240 Holland and Holland with its .245" sized bullets.

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    Thanks chaps...I'll see what his "issues" are...I'll let you know. I have always for on great with my firearms dept but this chap is new and there was defo an air of "I'm new to this and I'm going to stamp my authority all over your variation request" tone in his voice LOL.

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    ive got my FAC sent in for an ammo uplift to, but i only asked to store 300, and buy 200 for both .243 and .308
    not heard anything back from the police, but its only been 2 weeks

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    All mine are possess 500 and purchase 300 .


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    I just got a variation for the same reason, its now buy 500 keep 800...

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    Spoke to him this am, no mention of the bullet amount request or any query regarding the variation. He just said he wanted to come and check my security etc? Bit weird, never had an FAO come out for a variation change. He is new though so probably just wants to touch base.

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