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Thread: Navara D40 Heater problems

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    Navara D40 Heater problems

    Firstly on the driver side the heater gives me tropical hot or arctic cold nothing inbetween, question is am I looking at new heater controls or is there something more simple that needs replacing.
    Secondly today the blower has packed up altogether I still have the full range on the digital display but no fan running hence no blower.
    Do I need a new fan unit or is it a control fault, sorry i`m just not good at modern car electrical fault diagnosis, I dont mind paying good money if anyone can help just dont fancy having my leg lifted again by the local dealership.
    many thanks for taking the time to read.
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    sorry to hear that Pierre. hope the rest of the day went well. the last couple of times I have had problems with vehicle fans its been the voltage regulator/resistor, Google says this about the Navarra one
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