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Thread: Another 1st for me, a go at driven shooting today!

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    Another 1st for me, a go at driven shooting today!

    We had beaters day today and although I've only been beating a few times the gamey said to bring my shottie as I may get a bit of a shoot. I ended up shooting on all the drives and seeing as it was my 1st ever go at driven shooting I think I did alright with the old pigeon basher Baikal!

    The shoot relies on totally wild birds and the 1st 2 drives drew a blank all round which didn't bode well. The 3rd drive before lunch brought a flurry of birds and I hit my 1st ever pheasant, followed closely by the 2nd and a third that myself and another gun seemed to hit at the same time!!

    After a bowl of soup and a roll we headed out again and I stood between a couple of lads who were also fairly new to shooting. One took a great high hen pheasant going away from him and the other got 2 single woodcock that were really motoring!!

    The next drive saw us shooting a xmas tree plantation and I drew a good peg on the corner with a decent view through the trees. I took a nice high hen pheasant then a pigeon going away quick and high to my right. The icing on the cake of a great day was a woodcock that zoomed along the right side of the plantation which I took with the second barrel as I swung round to follow it!!

    I ended up with 3 1/2 pheasants , 1 pigeon and a woodcock which I was certainly not expecting when i woke this morning!!

    Well chuffed considering it was my 1st go and the total bag was 14 birds for the day!! I could have done with missing one coz I chose 13 in the sweep!!

    Not the best picture but gives you an idea!!

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    Sounds like you had a good time stratts.
    you dont need 150 bird days to enjoy yourself mate.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    Sounds great.Beaters days are all about having fun in good company.I never worry about the bag or how many i`ve shot.A few quality birds taken in good style is enough for me.

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    Well done Stratts - excellent. A woodcock on your first shoot too - setting high standards...!!!
    Hopefully the Baikal - a beautifully simple and reliable gun will kick you a little less in future.....

    E t R
    Nooooooooooooobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!! Our main weapon is.........

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