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Thread: B&m join wh smith?

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    B&m join wh smith?

    Yesterday I was out shopping with the other half when she dragged me into a local branch of B&M, yes I know it's not my kind of shop either, I only went to keep her happy, while I was wandering around bored trying not to look like a spare wotsit at a wedding, I spotted the DVD stand. Scanning the endless tat I spotted a little gem, a coaching DVD on English sporting shooting for a quid! Not being the best clay shot in the world I thought well if I only find one useful tip for a quid it's worth it. When we arrived at the till the missus suggested she would pay if I went across the road and picked up a bunch of flowers for her mum, so over the road I went grabbed the flowers and waited for her. On her return she said " they would not sell me the DVD" hee hee I suggested it can't be for age reasons and ducked! it turns out the cashier said that something had come up and she could not sell it, the missus being slow never asked if it was because it was a shooting DVD, but told me that was the impression she had. So have B&M gone a stage further than W H Smith and put a complete ban on anything to do with shooting ?

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    Who are B&M?
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harry mac View Post
    Who are B&M?
    It is general store selling many items at much less cost than elsewhere, for example milk at about 99p for two litres.
    I got some Duracell batteries there the other day for 1.99 which were 4.16 at a local garage.
    They sell top branded goods at rock bottom prices.
    Our local branch occupies the premises which previously were Woolworths.


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    Pretty sure whs did a U-turn on the magazine age limit thing and they have lifted the age limit?

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