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Thread: Your thoughts on new pup in kennel

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    Your thoughts on new pup in kennel

    I have Acquired a new pup. I have a kennel which has a dividing partition so that the pup can see the dog when out in the run but cant see it when the dog is in his bed. The pup is constantly crying, which is understandable as just being taking away from mum, brother and sisters so I have ended up putting the pup in with the dog and this seems to have stopped him crying but I dont want the pup relying on the old one being there - whats your thoughts on this please? SHould I keep them seperated or gradually seperate them?


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    You haven't said what breed, as said in a previous post I've an old terrier dog and he has probably fostered 30 new pups in the kennel.
    You do have to be carefull though, many pups have been killed, but you will know your dog better than anyone, but it is important to be careful.
    I once sold a viszla pup to someone who phoned me next day for their money back as the patterdale had killed the pup through the night.
    As for reliance I wouldn't worry too much , but as they get older I would seperate again depending on breed/sex.

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    Bambislayer - sorry - they are both labradors. The older one has just turned 2 1/2, they seem to get on really well and he has a really good nature, so I dont think he would bother the pup. Thanks for your reply


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    None of the neighbours like you anyway, fill your lugs with cotton wool and let them get over the noise

    Im sure he will settle down soon, being so well bred


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    Just going through the same problem as well. Night one the pup was a little vocal until I took him out of the transport box and settled him with the other two. Night two straight in 2 minutes crying, no problems all night. Night 3 same as night 2.

    He won't become dependent as I am the pack leader ( that's what i tell myself) and I take the pup out for one to one bonding sessions.

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    Why put a new pup straight into a kennel??
    can't see the logic there
    it might of been brought up in a kennel enviroment but that was with the rest of the litter
    you take them from that and now alone in a strange kennel
    of course they will make a noise
    even putting them in with a strange dog makes little difference at the start but atleast they hav company and bonding will start
    but what happens if the pup goes over board in the bonding part
    old dog lashes out and at best
    trip to the vet as pup as swelling and hole in jaw

    or old dog and pup clash on quite a few occassions and gets told off on a regular basis, who's well fare is taken in to consideration there the pup or the older dog
    or do you leave them to sort out therunning rules themselves
    if lucky the older dog copes well and pup is not at risk
    but still you hav to clean up the mess
    house training a pup is often more rewarding and quicker than kennel training and the smell of human contact is more profound in the kitchen as is contact
    as that is what you greet first in the kitchen in the morn
    a pup not a coffee jar
    with the obvious advanteges that come with house training
    you can take the dog to any enviroment knowing the dog won't mess in the house or kennel

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    All good points stone and I agree with most of them but my dogs spend most of there time with me where I can supervise and socialize them.

    my dogs won't even wee in the kennel!

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    My tuppeny worth, my first dog was a spaniel, picked her up at 8 weeks old off home to settle her in to her new home , now i knew that i was going to have a time of it as this pup was from a litter of 8 and people were always coming and going in front of the kennels .
    Night one, radio on, old clothes shoes etc all around pup, heating lamp on
    missus was warned that the pup would yelp a bit for first couple of nights but explained it had to stay put for ours and its own good
    To cut a long story short by night two it was sleeping in the bed with us
    Now the missus and the dog have gone(best dog i have had, second best missus) Stick with keeping it outside ,try all the tricks you can think of to get it settled quickly, but do keep them seperated if you can , better safe than sorry. Now all my dogs start outside and settle in quickly maybe 3/5 nights ish of "yelping"
    i have found that letting the older dog out first reassures it and sets the pup off yelping again only once it goes quiet do i then let it out, right or wrong it seems to work for me.

    atb cervushunter

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    i luv that story
    new pup wife and yourself all in a double can't see you getting much duvee
    what a good point you made
    just cos it is housed in a kennel does not mean it lives there
    no better way of bonding and they soon learn a routine
    mine often spend the day at work with myself or my partner
    Fantastic 8)

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    Must admit , I'm getting softer, new pup is sleeping on my lap sleeping as I type!!!!!

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