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Thread: This mornings sightings

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    This mornings sightings

    Out for a walk around this morning, and saw a red spiker, that appeared to have a very slight limp, although i wasn't 100% sure, as I got to see more of him, I noticed that the top of one of his antlers was malformed, and growing almost at a right angle.

    I have heard of correlation between injuries and antlers deforming, does this sound as tho i could be correct about a leg injury?


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    Yes injuries can cause deformed antlers. I was always taught that if you shoot a deer and it has a deformed antler then the condition of its feet and legs as you'll probably find a problem with one of them.

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    I remember an article that i read by Ronnie Rose i think where he shot a red stag with very deformed antlers there was no damage at all externally any where but wnen gralloched its intestine was full of twisted rope.I shot a roe buck last season with three points one side and a single spike the other he had one long hoof on the opposite side to the spike.

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    interesting stuff, i'll get in for a closer look i think..

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    You may well find the damage, if any is on the oppisite side to the antler. A bit like a stroke for humans, the damage to the brain is on the oppisite side to the loss of movement etc.

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