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Thread: Way forward for BASC on this forum?

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    Way forward for BASC on this forum?

    Representitives from BASC have made themselves available on this forum to address the questions and concerns of members and non-members alike.

    I must say that I value this contact with people who I might otherwise not have contact with and I think that the relationship between stalkers and BASC representitives acting in an official capacity is a really good thing for us all and adds value to the forum as a whole. Not only can we talk with other stalkers but we can directly access the people who represent our sport to the politicians and media. No matter what you think of BASC they are the biggest organisation representing shooting in the UK and having direct access to the top men, and regular updates on what they are up to, can never be a bad thing.

    However, when they post all the threads head off in a very negative direction. Simple maths tells us that the majority of those who shoot think well enough of BASC to pay their membership, I certainly do, and this leads to the conclusion that the strong negative sentiment expressed, while valid from a personal persepctive, is not a general reflection of the attitudes of shooters to BASC. My experience has been that the posts made by the BASC reps have been positive, helpful and informative even in the face of considerable pressure. Clearly those in the chain of command at BASC have to consider if their involvement here is helpful or is just painting the organisation in a bad light due to the generally negative "tone" of many of the threads in which BASC reps take part, even if this negative tone may not represent the views of the vast majority. If I were in control I'd be starting to express the view that it might be better for BASC to say nothing at all rather than to appear only to take part in threads with a negative tone towards the organisation. This would disadvantage us all, especially those aiming to use this forum to infulence BASC policy by positive means or intending to get information or help from them.

    So, given that I'm keen to keep BASC on this forum, how do we move forwards in a way where BASC reps can post honestly and freely without the risk that every single thread will take a negative direction, or every single word will be analysed with a view to scoring points? Please keep focused on a positive way forward rather than on some personal situation where you feel BASC let you down, this isn't about you or your opinions but rather about an organisation that represents the majority of us and which we want to be free to engage with us on this forum.

    If I were the head man at BASC I'd be reading this forum and saying "that forum is full of crackpots who colour our organisation with negativity when we post - stop posting" and I really don't want to see that happen. I also don't want people to find themselves unable to express things they are unhappy about as such debate is how we make BASC more responsive to our needs and wants. So, positive hats on here, how do we involve BASC in this forum in a positive way and keep them on board and free to post and to help us on this forum?
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    Well, whoever from BASC appears on here could make a start by taking out Trade Membership. The official BASC Training Courses curriculum appear under TRADE, I believe.

    I'm no longer in BASC but switched to the NGO. I don't think NGO post here. If that organisation starts commandeering posts under pseudonyms then I feel the SD readership should be alerted & made fully aware of who they are and their interests.

    BASC already dominate the shooting field, are partners in the DSC and Lantra Training schemes, and have a foot in firearms consultations with the Home Office. Whenever the BBC need a mouthpiece for a shooting related issue then BASC usually gets the slot.

    I don't want them taking over the airwaves on SD, and gaining an unfair advantage unless they're properly identified as the recruitment & money raising outfit they are.... so let's see a TRADE identifier on all their utterances in future.
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    I have been a member of BASC for over 30 years and when I have needed advice I have always found them helpfull. That is what I have found others may have found different.
    We need a voice in this anti this, anti that world. If we start arguing we all loose.
    The BASC reps are initialed to an opinion, I think it would help if people said if it was a BASC policy or not that they were commenting on. Just my 2 pence worth

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    Yes, they should pay for trade membership if they are going to post in an official capacity.

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    The Trade Member badge is on David BASC's account because their Trade Membership was set up via David originally. Following the comments above I will also add it to the accounts of the staff who post on here in an official capacity that I am aware of, who are PeterM and now BASC Firearms Dept. so it is clear when someone is speaking officially for BASC.

    If there are any other members posting on behalf of BASC in an official capacity please get in touch with me and I will amend accordingly.

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