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Thread: A very uninterested Fox

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    A very uninterested Fox

    I went out to one of the permissions today with the .22 Semi Auto, ive not been to this one in a really long time so i was expecting a lot of rabbits to be here. Idea was to go there and shoot as much rabbits as i can and keep them, freeze them and use them as bait for the trail cams. Got up the track from where i parked the truck and at about 100 yards is a big mound on the park with rocks and bush and there sitting on a stone is a nice big fox. I crept to the fence and got some footage from the video camera. I used a couple of fox calls and it wasnt interested at all. It looked over at my direction but just sat there glancing about. I tried to move to a better view point but it seen me and took off.

    I went for a wonder round the whole farm, saw plenty of rabbit droppings and i mean plenty but not one single rabbit going about at all. I stayed in one spot waiting for over an hour and now usually this is enough time to secure a few in the bag but not a single rabbit came out. I then went for another big wonder about again seeing nothing. The rabbits here must be just coming out at night when usually there would be loads about the day. I would obviously have went there at night with the new Archer Gen 3 NV but for some reason the gamekeeper has turned round and said i no longer have permission for night hours, just day time. Said we cant use lamps anymore, I replied saying that i now use night vision so dont use lights, but still not allowed. I dont understand this as for over 2 years ive been shooting there at all times of the day and he knows about them all as i have to inform him when i am going there. So decided time to head off home and got to where i saw the fox and there he is again, this time sleeping on the stone !! I got behind an old wall and checked through the bino's and nope he cant see me, still sound as sleep. I'm about 140 yards away and again start calling, seeing if i can practise a bit for future foxing outings. The fox could not care in the slightest that there was a free meal for it. I could see his ears move so i know he could hear the call, at one point he even got up so he could make himself more comfy and then lay down again, plunked his head down on his tail and went to sleep again .

    I jumped into the field and started walking down toward him, he just stared at me all the way down til i got to 40 yards of him then he got up, as i closed in further he went into the hole in the rocks that i believe is his den.

    Anybody ever had a fox be so uninterested in calls ?


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    Not tempted to shoot him with the .22?

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    Quote Originally Posted by palmer_mike View Post
    Not tempted to shoot him with the .22?
    I would have been so tempted, especially with a semi auto.


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    When i got down to the 40 yards i could have gave an easy double tap and job would have been done

    Since the change of the permission rules from the gamekeeper , im not allowed to shoot foxes here either now, just rabbits unfortunately.

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    not allowed to shoot foxes blimey never herd a keeper say that before on shoot day maybe but most cant sleep at night knowing theres fox about
    as for being call shy not uncommon sounds like he was full or ill

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    I used to be able to pboro, for some reason he has changed his mind, hes not the friendliest of guys so i dont bother much, got plenty other ground that i can shoot foxes on.

    Yeah someone else has said that maybe he was just full, so hopefully that was it and not my calling technique.

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    unless theyve been shot at and missed they nearly always come to calls polystyrene on the screen works a treat no real technique even brake sqeaking gets there heads up

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