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    Hi im Brian joint year last not posted much but valuable reading . Been into shotguns and handguns when we were allowed to have them for over twenty years . Got into rifles through friends in a small way just a bit of rabbit and fox control , probably would have given up the rifles if it was not for the support fron Pierre [Pierred] , with all his advise and help i have now a better outlook and improved skills and equipment
    Thanks Pierre . I still shoot clays , Sporting , Trap , and DTL , I have moved to Essex in 2011 and travel to my permissions in Hertfordshire as often as work allows . Active in looking for permissions or shooting buddy in Essex . I Run a garage in London and can offer advise or help to any Members with car problems .

    Thanks Brian

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    Welcome to the site Brian and up the Blues mate

    Martin(Life long Chelsea fan......46yrs +)

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Cheers Martin , glad there are still two of us left , been a fan a long time as well ,was a player there at 14 , have added your website to my favorites . will get around to the sausages sound great .


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    Thank you John and Paulhed also .


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