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    Jahti Jakt

    Anybody with field experience in the Jahti Jakt suits . Jackets and trousers . I had a look at the topic in this forum from 2007 .
    Is this about the old model with brown leather shoulders ?
    The new model ( no brown leather shoulders ) has the new Airtex2 membrane laminated on the outside layer .
    Waterproofness ? Not to warm when stalking ? Not to dark ?
    I want the jacket ( suit ) for stalking once or twice a year for a few days in Scotland . Winter stalking for hinds is my first choice .

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    jahti jakt pro membrane suit

    Hi mate i bought a jahti jakt out fit last year were i got cap. visi jacket, fleece jacket, thermal under wear, pants & large over jacket from i think it was £146 as complete kit deal with next day delivery. I personnal cant fault the clothing it kept me nice & warm when it was below freezing in a high seat even caught it on few thorn bushes did'nt rip. It is comfortable & for the money you cant fault it also good for the hill. It is going now for £179.95 plus p&p

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    Hi Weeman , We had a small game fair here a few weeks ago . On this fair I tried both Jahti Jakt and Harkila Pro hunter .
    In no way you would hear me say that I think the Jahti Jakt would be of the same quality as the Harkila . I just don't kwow it .
    The Harkila more than likely will be stronger and more hardwearing . This will be an advantage for the professional who is out every day of the season. The fabric looks very strong , but not as soft as the jahti jakt . The jakti jakt was surprisingly light in weight , very silent and very comfortable to wear ( very supple / flexible ) . If you see the price ticket . The complete suit for half the price of a Harkila jacket , you start asking questions if the quality will be sufficient .
    I have what I need for roughshooting through brambles , thorns , etc ...
    I just need a jacket that is very waterproof , silent , comfortable and that would give me 4/5/6 years of stalking a couple of times a year .

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    I've been using their stuff for a few years without complaint, they are also doing a real tree suit as well

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    I've been using their stuff for a few years without complaint, they are also doing a real tree suit as well

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    Seconded.... I have both the 'brown patch' and the 'green patch' suit. Both have been well battered - by me and the weather - over the last two or three years. I can't fault them on performance or value for money.

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    I have one of their premium suits. The fleece is very good and the suit itself is adequate. I find the pockets rather small and in cold weather you might need the additional clothing they enclose in the pack. Having said that I tore a hole in my schoffel jacket and it cost me £80 to get it fixed. For the money its got to be a good buy.

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    The fleece is the best fleece I've ever had. The jacket's OK but I don't wear it much. The undergarments are excellent and I used the trousers for skiing in this year and they were nice and warm. You can't go wrong for the price.

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