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Thread: Level 1 badge...

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    Level 1 badge...

    Found my Level 1 badge in my sock drawer

    So instead of leaving it there gathering dust, I mounted it with the first buck I shot after passing it taken off my local ground.

    Not really one for badges and trophies but someone gave me the shield a wee while ago and its a shame not to us & needed to find something to fill out the medal hole...

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    could'nt help myself lol !!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlz90 View Post

    could'nt help myself lol !!!!

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    I keep finding mine everynow and again. Wonder where it has hidden itself now.
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    Shoulda banged it on eBay, seems there is a market for them

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    Adds a bit of originality rigboot, like you say and saves it gathering dust.
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    if they were a lapel badge maybe id wear one but there so big ,my lad likes to wears mine to school hes well pleased with himself mind you hes only 5

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    bush wear do the same type shield or some on ebay

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    Alternatively you might wish to consider a full head mount:

    Must remember to leave a little space for L2!


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