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    has anyone else seen this film . you can buy it from amazon. i seen it advertised on fieldsports britain,
    this is how it reads .in october 2005 5 young people were kidnapped in the highlands of scotland. stripped and abondened, they were forced into a deadly game you are fair game.where the hunter became the hunted.their ordeal was filmed by an extreme animal rights group as a warning to others .if you hunt you are fair game.

    scary ****

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    i cant believe that more stalkers havent watched this film.

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    Is it a documentry type film or fictional.

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    Yes seen it got it on rental from love film. Very good

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    This is a must watch for me when I get back to uk next week

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    Wasn't the worst film I've seen,worth a view!

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    makes you think doesent it lets hope it doesent give the the antis any ideas.

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    I saw it a while ago, it was a bit weird but quite good.

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